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Some of our smaller items like cribbage boards, peg solitaire, carved bowls, and mini mountains are sold wholesale. These items do well in fine retail boutiques and gift shops. 

juniper wood cribbage boards

Our juniper wood cribbage boards are popular and come in three sizing categories:

cribbage board sizes

Another popular gift store item has been the "mini mountains" created by sculpting a solid block of laminated wood (plywood).

plywood mountains

mini mountains

Our bowls are carved free-form from larger pieces and cross sections of dead juniper wood. Sometimes  these cross sections contain over 500 annual growth rings

Juniper wood bowls

Even the small wood cross sections used for our peg solitaire games can be 200 to 500 plus years old. Counting the rings can be as challenging as the game itself.

juniper peg solitaire games

We also sell some larger items like furniture and sculptures on consignment if they are a good fit for the gallery.

juniper redwood table


To talk pricing/ordering wholesale, please contact us today! 
Mountain Wildwoods
Tom Benedict
Phone: (406) 548-5495

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