Juniper slabs are in

juniper warehouse

Rocky Mountain Junipers are usually a small, sprawling type of tree. They are not often considered for milling.

large juniper in the wild

Summer of 2018, I was fortunate and determined enough to be able to collect a large number of dead juniper logs large enough to mill into slabs. Getting good slabs from twisted juniper logs is a challenge to say the least. Often, a custom jig is needed to hold the log in the proper position.

As soon as the first cut is made, it becomes apparent that the challenge was well worth it. The grain patterns and colors of these live edge juniper slabs is striking.

The live face cuts are very useful for custom art installments and the slabs make beautiful tabletops. Contact us with any project ideas you may have. We now have juniper slabs up to 30" wide and up to 9 feet long. With glue ups, any custom size slab can be created.

hairpin leg live edge tables

A big thank you to Jake at High Noon Craftsman for being willing help tackle this project.

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